Do you want to go to a place where the wind always blows?

Kitesurfing Adventure Tours from Cairns and Port Douglas

Do you want to go to a place where the wind always blows, the waters are warm and clear and the beach is your own?

Australian Kite Surfari will take you there!

This exclusive location is on traditional Aboriginal grounds, north of Cooktown. Australian Kite Surfari is the only one with special permission to take tours there.

Strong, constant trade winds off Cape Flattery, Queensland mean these Surfaris are for ideal for experienced kiters.

No one else can take you up from Cairns and Port Douglas through the Daintree Rainforest, over the Bloomfield River and into the golden sands and clear flat lagoons of this secret kitesurfing location. Driving in at low tide, you will be left in splendid isolation at high tide – owning the beach, the waves and the wind.

Australian Kite Surfari’s expeditions will bring you the best of the Australian outback, wilderness, rainforest and of course … the wind! There’s two tour types to choose from, our traditional four day / three night adventures and our new seven days / six night expeditions, which are being launched for the 2015 season.

You can expect: lots of wind, adventure, nature, golden sands, warm water and the ocean to yourself.

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Wind Stats Available

Let Australian Kite Surfari take you to a place where the wind always blows. Over 50 years of wind data can’t be wrong. Check out the wind stats and be amazed at the average wind strengths and constant direction that guarantees the perfect kite surfing elements. Our countries most consistent trade winds blast across the Coral Sea and provide world class conditions.

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News Flash: Been with us before? Book and pay a deposit for the 2016 season, before 1 January 2016, and receive a $100 discount!!

Please Note: With plenty of full Surfaris in 2015, we could not accommodate everyone who wanted to join us. Best bet, book early to get the dates you want. Running 4 Day and 7 Day Surfaris in 2016, scroll down for dates.

Four Day Safari

May 01st
May 04th
May 26th
May 29th
Jun 11th
Jun 14th
Jun 26th
Jun 29th
Jul 26th
Jul 29th
Jul 30th
Aug 02nd
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Aug 31st
Sep 01st
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Sep 06th
Sep 09th
Sep 19th
Sep 22nd
Oct 01st
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Oct 25th
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Seven Day Safari

May 15th
May 21st
Jun 18th
Jun 24th
Jul 02nd
Jul 08th
Jul 10th
Jul 16th
Jul 18th
Jul 24th
Aug 06th
Aug 12th
Aug 14th
Aug 20th
Sep 11th
Sep 17th
Sep 24th
Sep 30th
Oct 08th
Oct 14th
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